Aunty Peg’s

Nolan Hirte, Director of Proud Mary Coffee Roasters envisioned Aunty Peg’s to be a welcoming, inclusive space where you could access some of the best coffee on the planet, brewed for you by your one-on-one barista. When naming the space, Nolan thought of his Grandma, affectionately known as Aunty Peg. A bold Scottish lady with a heart of gold, Aunty Peg’s door was always open and her oven was always on. Famous for her warm hospitality and incredible home cooking, Aunty Peg embodied the ideas of how Nolan wanted to share his coffee experiences.

Essentially the cellar door to Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Aunty Peg’s is your insider’s ticket to PMC. You can learn to brew with our baristas, stock up on beans and brew gear at the shop and tour the working roastery.

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